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What is PBN Backlink?

PBN (private blog network) backlinks are hyperlinks built from a network of connected sites and blogs. These sites are generally owned by the same individual, who’s using them all to create links to their money site. They also have an option to sell PBN links to other website owners for extra profit.

Should I buy PBN backlink?

Yes, you can buy PBN Backlinks. This will help you improve your website ranking, especially in high competition niches. Every big brand uses PBN on its money site. Why? Because it is still working today and is a powerful technique to rank a website.

Are PBN Links good for SEO?

The effect of the PBN backlinks depends on how you use them to link toward your money site. You will need a good on-page SEO first and next is to make sure your link placement is relevant to your niche, the anchor text ratio, and many more factors.

Where to buy the best PBN Links? is the best place to buy PBN backlinks and use them for your website SEO. At we have a full team of SEO Experts who have more than 10 years of experience to make sure that the PBN sites are built and maintained in a way to boost the SEO of a Website.

Can I link to my money site from PBN’s?

Yes, you should link your money site. But make sure the PBN you use is high quality and indexed by google before you link to your site. Therefore we recommend you buy PBN backlink with us. We do make sure all PBN backlinks from us are indexed by google.

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